1643 Cavalier

1643 Cavalier – Golden Ale – Two Cocks Brewery

Here is a beer than isn’t worth writing about.

If you are thinking of trying it, get another beer, any other one, it doesn’t matter and mix it one part beer to one part water. You will basically get the same thing.

To say that the flavour is subtle is an understatement. I was eagerly awaiting some flavour to kick in and got nothing.

A disappointment given the novelty of their beer taps with actual feathers on them. Shame they haven’t put more thought and effort into making this beer have some taste.

The Verdict – 1643 Cavalier – Golden Ale – Two Cocks Brewery
Taste -10
Drinkability 2
Alcohol Content ABV 3.8% 3

Overall Score -5 / 1.6 Barfs

Where did we find it? The Newbury, Newbury