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Master Distiller Series No.1

Jack_Daniels_Master_Distiller_Series_No_1_smlI happened across this bottle of Jack Daniels – Master Distiller Series No.1 at my local Sainsbury’s. For some reason on special and cheaper than a normal bottle of Jacks. Not complaining, just a little unusual.

In any case, the bottle comes in quite a nice box, so if you were looking for a gift, this might be an option. However, if you are like me, alcohol is not something given away readily so bollocks to that. Get it in the recycling bin and get stuck into the bottle.

I poured myself a double and it has a lovely sweet smell to it which was matched as I swished it around my mouth. Very typical Jack Daniels charcoal mellowed flavour, a very subtle but pleasant taste.

And then I tried to swallow it. Holy mother of god. It somehow turned into paint stripper in the short distance between my tongue and my throat. In subsequent mouthfuls I also managed to release the fumes from my mouth back up and out my nostrils. Need to clear your sinuses? This bottle would be really useful for that purpose.

Okay, so I may have been suffering from a slight throat infection at the time of tasting although I am pretty sure that I have managed to clear it up. Normally people recommend vodka for clearing a mild cold or flu. This winter I am going to use Jack Daniels – Master Distiller Series No.1 as my medicine of choice.



The Verdict – Jack Daniels – Master Distiller Series No.1

Smell 3
Taste 4
Drinkability -1
Alcohol Content 43% 3
Price £19/70cl (on special) 2

Overall Score 11 / 0.4 Beauts

For Jack Daniels lovers, such as myself, this bottle is a must try if you are happy to bear the pain every time you swallow. For those of you with more delicate tastes, or throats, I would recommend finding a whiskey that goes down in less harsh a manner.

For the heathens….

The Verdict – Jack Daniels – Master Distiller Series No.1 with Cola

Smell 3
Taste 3
Drinkability 2
Alcohol Content 43% 3 (Diluted by cola)
Price £19/70cl (on special) 2

Overall Score 13 / 0.5 Beauts

I thought I’d give this a go with cola and the end result is something that is certainly more drinkable and doesn’t strip the skin off the inside of your throat. However, it comes at a cost of losing some of the lovely flavours contained in this bottle of Jacks.