Fursty Ferret

Fursty Ferret Label SmFursty Ferret – Tawny Amber Ale – Hall & Woodhouse / Badger

The Fursty Ferret gives you a big malty flavour hit as you take every mouthful, and is very pleasantly fragrant. ..you can smell its sweetness a mile before it gets to your mouth.

The flavour hit dwindles away to a lingering, sweet taste in your mouth. It is tempting you for some more… please give me some more.

The instant refreshing quality is good if you are really thirsty, hence the appropriateness of its name. Although I can’t say how thirsty ferrets actually get….or if they even like beer.

Moving on….

Not so much a beer to drink with your mates mainly because the explosion in your mouth isn’t going to allow you much room to speak. However,  it’s a great option if you’ve been slaving away in the garden or have been doing similar such manual work. Next time, more beer, less work.

Fursty Ferret Pint sm

The Verdict – Fursty Ferret – Tawny Amber Ale – Hall & Woodhouse / Badger

Taste 8
Drinkability 8
Alcohol Content ABV 4% 4

Overall Score 20 / 6.6 Beauts

Where did we find it? Sainsburys